Thursday, February 28, 2013

February love

Since I didn't post on Valentine's like I planned, I thought I would close February with that post.

Max has made me some amazing gifts over his short 18 months of life. Ms. Nicole (Max's nanny and our dear friend) did a great job of making sure his little handprints were recorded. I was not looking forward to daycare knowing the art projects and holiday gifts just wouldn't be the same. However, his Academy did surprise me.

Max's little hand at 18 months
Pull down the little hand for a little surprise.
We also had to experience a first this Valentine's Day ... drafting valentine cards to Max's classmates. Since store bought cards aren't personal enough, I made cards that reflected Max's personality. Max loves pop up books, so I spent time cutting and folding paper valentines. They were a lot easier than you would think and I think the extra 20 minutes out of my day was worth it!

Valentine's Day cards provided to the class
Lastly, daycare gave us some extra photos that were on display in the room for Valentine's Day. I took them to work to brighten my stressful days.

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