Saturday, December 22, 2012

You Think Kids Are Curious?

Polar bear iceberg-camera creepin' around

Curiosity is human nature. Actually, it's a primal instinct amongst all animals. We let Max play with my iPhone at dinner tonight and he managed to open the camera app. Naturally, he began pressing the only "button" on the screen knowing that something was a little different about that section of the screen. He was taking pictures. When I saw the photos he took it reminded me of the polar bear iceberg-camera and the images that came from that device built for this BBC documentary. If you're unfamiliar with the story, some filmmakers wanted to get some unique and new angles of polar bears in their natural habitat so they created a remote controlled piece of "broken ice" with a camera mounted on it. The polar bears became extremely curious with the device and eventually destroyed it, but not before some of the most amazing video and photos were captured. See the comparison of the curious animals below, each in their natural habitat.

Curiosity of a polar bear (age unknown)

Curiosity of a 1.5 year old human

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