Friday, September 14, 2012

Wellness Appointment

Max had his 12 month wellness check up today with Dr. Sherrod.
This was pre paper destruction.

Weight:  22.13 lbs.  (45 percentile)
 Height:  29 1/4 in.   (35 percentile)

 *First time Max has been below the 50th percentile.  Doc said that we won't know if he gets the Faison height until his 2nd birthday since being in the upper percentile at 0-24 months is a result of placenta growth (an interesting fact I thought I would share).

 And this is what the doc had to say about our little man:
  • advanced motor development for his age
  • teeth 5-6 should be here tomorrow but no later then next week (thank goodness, I don't know if I can take anymore drool and fussy behavior)
  • his chubby feet have great arch support so he is not flat footed - yippy!
  • legs are perfectly straight although we should expect him to go knock-kneed at 2yrs and then they will straight out again at 6yrs
  • perfect sounding heart and lungs
  • needs sunscreen for a full moon (which the doc says every visit)  
  • a little redness in the nose due to the pollution but all kids have that right now (see how much I love my doc, even comforts my worries about a little red nose and I didn't even ask him about it - he just informed me of it while he was performing his examination) 
  • ready for whole milk, peanuts, and honey
  • Since he was all fine and healthy, Max got 3 shots today - MMR, chicken-pox, and flu

With every visit, I love our pediatrician more and more.  The way he informs you of what he is looking/listening for and is so knowledgeable.  We are so blessed to have found him.

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