Saturday, January 28, 2012

Faison update

It has been awhile since our last posts which have not been all that informative in the first place.
We have been pretty busy with the following:
Championship Game
and the list goes on.

We had a great and successful trip to Alabama for Christmas.  The trip was full of well needed family time.  We got to see the new Faison house on "the farm" and enjoy great food/cooking.  Max also got to meet his great grandparents from the Wilson side.  Lucy went along as well and kept Max company in the back of the SUV for the long car ride.

We came back home to Dallas for less than 2 weeks and then turned around to head out for the Championship game in New Orleans.  I sort of demanded that we fly this time since we just got back from our 9+ hour (one-way) trek from Alabama. It was great flying and Max was such a good baby.  I really think he is the best!  *We truly have been spoiled with our first one.  I see many more flights in our future!  As everyone should be aware, Bama put LSU in their place.  We (and by "we" ... I mean the Alabama football team) took home another crystal ball to the state of Alabama.  Max may have hindered us from getting to all the games this year but at least we were able to make it to the big show and what a great show it was.  The photo above was from Max earlier in the season but it seemed appropriate.  Max is still enamored with our Saban cut-out.  From his first day from the hospital he would stop crying when he would see Saban pointing at him.  Apparently, Saban has a way of demanding excellence through photo and can shut a baby right up.  

The weekend following New Orleans I helped host a baby shower for the upcoming arrival of Mr. Aiden Schweizer.  It was great to see Courtney with her "big" belly even though she makes me sick to know how great she looks at 7 months.  I think I have inspired all of my friends to keep their pregnancy weight in check because they seem to have done a lot better job than me.  ;)  Still trying to understand how this baby fat is supposed to disappear while I am mommy to Max, wife to Tyler, and Controller at work.  Those 3 jobs have me pretty busy these days.  

Tyler has been busy wrapping up Season 2 of Big Rich Texas.  The crew met Mr. Max a few days back and were shocked that there was a mini Tyler running around (okay, not running just yet).  Everyone loves the redhead ... I think it because he is one-of-a-kind.  I've been busy with closing year end, getting ready for the auditors, and trying to help close a deal ... you know, accounting stuff.  Lucy has been doing a good job at sleeping on all the furniture while we are at work.  She has also enjoyed tracking in dirt/mud and with how often it has happened I am thinking it is becoming a hobby for her.  Don't let her fool you ... she goes to the spot in the yard that she can find the mud.  There are plenty of dry areas that she loves to avoid.  But we still love her!

~ Courtney  


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