Saturday, October 11, 2008

Kitchen cabinets, fireplace, and more.

Here are some photos of the house and our handy skills.  The first photo is of the kitchen cabinet hardware.  Tyler and I spent a few hours at all the hardware stores looking for ones that were stylish and in our price range.  There were 40+ pieces that needed to be purchased.  Tyler did a great job of installing all of them.  Thanks Uncle Carl and Aunt Debbie for the Lowe's gift certificate.  It helped with the purchase.

The following photos are of my handwork in decorating.  There is still a lot to be done around the house but I have finally started getting some items on the shelves and photos in the picture frames.  :)

This photo is for my mom and dad.  They have been bugging me to take a picture of Tyler's recliner.  We got the recliner a few days after the house because that is what Tyler really wanted. After a quick hour in Lazy Boy, we finally agreed on one.  The photo doesn't really give it justice. It is material that looks like cracked leather.  Again, leather wasn't in our price range so we got the closest thing.

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