Friday, April 18, 2008

Orientation/Day 4

Friends and family, welcome aboard to our new blog where we will attempt keep everyone that's interested informed and clued in on what's going on with our new house. I will be able to make trips more frequently than Courtney, as well as meeting with our builder to make sure everything is going smoothly and on time. Today was actually my first meeting with Andy the builder, and after going over all of our "options" to make sure they were correct, I am 100% confident that everything will go pretty easy as long as the project is in his hands. Our salesperson, Terri, was not able to make it to the meeting like he normally would because he's conveniently off today, which is coincidently a Friday. There were a couple things that still need to be ironed out, but for the most part we are good to go. However, Andy was unaware of one minor change we made with Terri and it's not just a "Oh, no problem!" like we were originally told. We requested to not have the bench seating in the breakfast nook area cause it's flat out just a waste. Turns out that it's part of a boxed out window that juts out about a foot, and without the bench seating, it has to come back in flush with the wall. Typically, that's not that big of a deal...just a change on paper. But when these guys have already started framing, it kinda makes for a bigger deal than it actually is. The burden's not on us, so I'm not sweating it. It's just an internal communication error. The good news out of all of it for us is that we'll likely to be able to trade that bench seating for an undermount sink, no extra costs involved. That's about it for now. The photos you see here are what I grabbed today, Day 4 of the build. They're a bunch of Speedy Gonzalezes out there. I think I'll just stick to sound.

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